A New Beginning in Italy

Kores acquires the Kores trademark in Italy and announces a new distribution agreement

Vienna, 1st July 2011

The acquisition of the Kores trademark in Italy by Kores Holding Zug AG from Kores S.p.A. Milano heralds a new start in Italy for the Austrian family firm. CEO Peter Koreska says, “it’s an important strategic step for the future that will bring the whole of Kores’ wide-range of stationery products to Italian consumers.”

The Kores line will be exclusively distributed by Milan-based Office Distribution S.p.A from 1st July, 2011. Franco Grossi, CEO of the specialist stationery, paper, printers and electronics wholesaler, speaks enthusiastically about the opportunities this new partnership will bring. “Kores has a long history that’s rich in tradition, but nevertheless is a modern, forward-thinking company. The prospects for such an enterprise are remarkably good in Italy and I can see Kores expanding tremendously here in the next few years.”

Hugh Keenan, International Sales and Marketing Director at Kores, believes that “the combination of Office Distribution’s excellent logistics system and partnership with Polyedra, coupled with Kores’ strong product range, will attract Italian dealers and B2B suppliers. Kores stands for competence, quality and innovation and our customers always highlight the excellent cost effectiveness we provide.”

Kores is a leading brand in the Americas, the Middle East and throughout Europe and its products are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. The Kores Shanghai office now supplies the new and leading Chinese retail and B2B companies. Kores produces and sells over 80% of its own range and its state-of-the-art production facility just outside Prague makes the company’s glues, correction range, stamping and school products, with a sister factory in Mexico City.

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